Margarine Confusion and Why Butter is Always Better

by Megan on Thu, 03/28/2013 - 9:35pm | 0 comments

One of my favorite parts of being a fitness model and professional woman is the traveling. Why, well because of the breakfasts to put it bluntly.

I’ll order two eggs, whole wheat toast, some black coffee, and substitute fresh fruit for any typical carbs like greasy hash browns. However, on my last travel-breakfast something shocking happened.

The waiter proudly announced, “We saw you like healthy stuff, so we took the pleasure of giving you Margarine rather than butter." I was surprised, and it made me stop and think. It’s disturbing when you realize how much food-confusion is out there, even in places where they should know better.

The Buttery Truth

“Butter” is made with only one single ingredient (though it has always traditionally been salted), and through an extremely simple process. You take cow’s milk, or cream, and then churn the living daylights out of it until the milk goes from a liquid to a semi-solidified state.

We all used to know about that. Our ancestors got it from the local dairy, farmer’s market, or made it at home with raw milk. How crazy is it that making and selling raw milk is now pretty much a federal crime?

The modern era has all but lost it, and consumers depend on half an isle of different names and brands making different claims, and then there are the alternatives…

Finger Lickin Buttery Tips

  • Yes, it’s true; saturated fats should be avoided, or consumed in moderation. READ the labels carefully, and pay no mind to words like “original butter” or “natural butter”, and nevermind the pleasant packaging. Look at calories, grams of fat, and cholesterol per serving.
  • However, it should be noted there is a big difference between objectively natural, or organic, saturated fats and what’s left after processing.
  • Whipped butter is the best bet because the act doesn’t involve any chemicals, which makes the butter less dense.

What’s The Skinny on Margarine?

In my humble opinion Margarine is an extremely processed substance that has to go through many stages to get to what we see on the supermarket shelves, or on my toast that morning. It’s extracted, deodorized (no, I’m not kidding) and is chock full of pesticides and toxins.

  • Sold as a vegetable-based alternative to butter, in reality it is nothing but 80% oil and high amounts of fat, like trans fats which keep it solidified at room temperature.

Best to stick with organic whipped butter whenever possible. If you’re really determined to enjoy healthy butter, go find someone willing to dare the tyranny that'll make butter for you out of raw cow or goat’s milk. Keep in mind you’ll probably have to do all the churning though!

Watch what you eat, love yourself, and educate others whenever appropriate.


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