Things I love

Healthy Prepared Meals

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine
Staying in shape with a busy schedule can be difficult, but having a fridge (and freezer) stocked with healthy (and unbelievably delicious meals) makes eating healthy easy.  I’ve actually started saving money on food since I started buying these meals, and have so much more time in my day now that I don’t have to cook.  GMO and preservative free!  Use my code MeganGrahamFitness for 10 percent off your order

Ankle Weights

These are great for at home workouts. I love using them to make Kickbacks more challenging. Buy on Amazon

Strong Curves by Bret Contreras

One of the best books for developing plans to give you leaner muscles, rounded glutes and confidence. Buy on Amazon

Cable Cuff Attachment

Build your glutes! Use these to maximize your cable machine workouts. I love using them with kickbacks. Buy on Amazon

Mini Exercise Bands

Perfect for your at home muscle toning and strengthening exercises. Use these bands to target your glutes and thighs. Buy on Amazon

Rogiani Capris

My favorite workout pants! The waistband is perfectly positioned so you don't ever have to worry about it slipping down or being too tight which will give you a horrendous muffin top. They are incredibly flattering, durable and comfortable. Buy on Amazon

Lorna Jane Sportsbra

Made from shrink free and fade resistant fabrics, these sports bras are built to last. Buy here

Nike Free

I love these shoes. They're lightweight and breathable. Buy on Amazon

BCAA’s Cellucor

Take your training to the next level. BCAAs, Beta Alanine, Citrulline and HICA are proven to help build muscle and recover faster. Buy on Amazon

Under Armour Mesh Bag

The perfect bag to throw all of your gym gear in. Buy on Amazon

Hip Thruster

There is nothing better to build strong glutes nothing than banded hip thrusts with the hip thruster. Buy here for US purchases, or here for International

Non-Slip Yoga Towel

Buy on Amazon


Created by Hollywood trainer Valerie Waters, Valslide is be perfect way to workout at home or when you travel. Buy the Valslide Basic ($29.95) or the Valslide Essentials Pack ($39.95)

Eva Simon, Photographer

You may not be a professional model, but if you want to look great hire a great photographer.  You'll love your pictures and you'll love your time with her.  She's as beautiful and warm as her photography.  Added Bonus:  As a former cover model she knows all the tricks of the trade and she shares them.

The Deal:  New clients mention Megan Graham Fitness and receive $50 off a 3 look or more photo shoot package.

VIP Premium Blends Spray Tan

I like to be tan. It makes me feel good. Melanoma doesn't. I've tried them all from the most insanely expensive creams to spray tans that made me look like an Oompah Loompah. Do yourself a favor, kick the can, save some money and also buy their maxi-mist spray tan unit. It's way smaller than you think, cleaner, neater, and you'll have a gorgeous spray tan.

The Deal:  Mention Megan Graham Fitness and you'll receive 10 percent off your first order of $100 or more, or 20 percent off your first order or $400 or more.

Isagenix Weight Loss Product

Having a great body is 80 percent diet and 20 percent fitness. You can simplify weight loss and maintenance with these healthy snacks, drinks and supplements that use the finest ingredients. I've been using Isagenix for weight loss and maintenance for many years. If you're busy, these simply delicious products will really help you stay on track. View the Isagenix product line here.

The Deal: Take the first step to a leaner body with Megan Graham Fitness. Starting at $180/month get 3 body changing workouts that you can do at home or in the gym, access to a month of Isagenix products and the Megan Graham Fitness private support page. Contact Megan for more info.