How I Train

3 times per week I do a full body workout. I do minimal cardio, I eat healthy foods which fill me up, and help me to maintain my leanness. I use heavy weights that challenge me and it helps me keep lean with curves.

What workout looks like for me:

  •  Hip Thrust  2x15
  •  High Step Up  2x8
  •  Stability Leg Curl  2x15
  •  Close Grip Bench Press  2x8
  •  Chest Supported Row 2x10
  •  Pallof Press  2x10

Some tips for your workout:

  • Stretch, and keep your muscles limber
  • Try interval training for your cardio. Run sprints instead of long distances (using actual track starts) Pull out your jump rope for 1 minute, the rest for one minute etc. Fun, and it will incinerate fat.
  • Use a bench to learn how to squat lower. Place a bench behind you while squatting, and as soon as your butt touches the bench, push yourself up.
  • Carry a workout log that records your weights, sets, and reps. The only way to make progress is to know what you did last week. If you don't, your progress will be slow.
  • Do single legged, or one admen exercises. They will strengthen your core, and improve the symmetry of your body.
  • Eat within an hour of your workout, and include good quality protein. I bring a shake with me to the gym, and have it right after.
  • Use free weights, not machine. Your body will have to work harder to stabilize and lift the weights when you are lifting free weights, and you will have a better looking body in the long run.
  • Don't try to lose your flabby stomach by doing ab exercises. Spot reducing doesn't work, and working your abs burns fat at a snails pace.