Staying lean while traveling

by Megan on Thu, 06/30/2016 - 4:31pm | 0 comments


This year has been full of travel for me, and I started to think about just how difficult it is for people to stay lean while traveling.  An unpredictable schedule, sleeping in a bed that may or may not be comfortable, meals out at restaurants and being away from the gym at home can all be problems.  Not to mention that some people eat out of boredom or lonliness or similar emotion.

I've started to put together an ebook with the things that I do while I'm traveling to stay (or even get) lean.  It may not be easy to do this, but with a little planning and effort you can not only maintain your progress, but even make more progress toward your goals.  The most important thing for the entire process to work is that you must believe and know in your heart 100 percent that you MUST reach your goal.  I hear so many people talk about what they want for their dream body, and they say halfheartedly that they are going to "try" to get there, but I already know that they aren't going to reach their goals when they use words like try.  Unless someone has fully committed to an outcome, and there is no possible destination in their mind that they will get exactly where they need to be, they have essentially failed at the gate.  Your mindset and beliefs are everything when it comes to what you become in life, and you have to be willing to put in the work and focus to reach your end result.

What ar some of the most difficult parts of travel for you?  Is there something that you know you could do better, but you aren't sure how to handle the particular situation?  Do you have any habits that seem to work really well for you?  I would love it if you'd share your questions and comments below and will be sure to take the time to answer them.  If you have a question, most likely someone else was wondering the same thing!  Comment below! :)



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