Tips for entering a bikini competition

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When I entered my first bikini competition years ago, I didn't have the first idea what I was doing. I thought that it would be enough to just get on stage and "be myself" Although I had fun, and I learned a lot I think that with more time and preparation the experience would have been even more valuable. There's so many things that I have learned since the first time and I stepped on stage so I wanted to share my tips for entering a bikini competition.  

Entering a bikini competition is expensive. You might want to think about what your budget is beforehand and how much you need to save to do something like this. It all depends on how much you invest, but most people will probably have a personal trainer, more expensive meals because they are eating more protein, you'll have to purchase an expensive bikini ( The more Swarovski crystals they have the more expensive they are to buy), either sportswear which is an elaborate costume or an evening gown, pay for professional tanning, Pay for professional make up, photos and possibly video, a hotel room, travel and time off from work. 

One thing that is probably the most important piece of doing a competition is how you are on stage. I think that most fitness competitors really think about how their physique looks, without realizing that how they posture and pose on stage and the energy that they brain is really what people see. Everybody on that stage has worked hard and has a great physique, it's the way that you carry yourself and connect with the audience and judges that decides what people see.     My first competition I barely practiced, and boy did it show on stage. I think if there's one thing that you should focus on it's your stage presence.    

Another one of my tips for entering a bikini competition is that you have to be prepared to spend a great deal of time getting ready. Working out takes time, meal prep takes time, practicing posing takes time. At the end of the day, your friends may wind up very irritated with you because you won't have very much time to spend with them. You'll need to make sure to be getting your sleep and with all of the other things that you were doing it will be hard to do much of anything else.   

I absolutely love competing and I would recommend it to anyone, I would just make sure to give yourself the time that you need to prepare so that you can enjoy it and get everything you need out of it but also give it your all. These are my tips for entering a bikini competition. I actually love the time I spend doing competition prep, but the more you know what to expect, the happier and more sucessful you'll be! I would love for you to comment below to tell me what questions you have for me about competing, or just to introduce yourself:)  xoxo,   Megan


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