Working to achieve a goal

by admin on Wed, 03/16/2016 - 4:36pm | 0 comments

One thing that I've noticed with striving to reach a goal, is that not only do you get closer to the goal that you've been focusing on, but the positive steps and changes that you make to get closer to that goal tend to also move you closer to all of the other goals in your life.  I signed up for the WBFF World Championships in August because I very much needed a goal, and I've been amazed at all of the positive changes that it has made in my life.  My strength and conditioning coach gave me workouts to do that were way beyond what I had been doing, 4 times a week with challenging exercises....which basically required me to make some life changes to keep up with the level of training that I needed to complete.  I've been eating more food to fuel my tougher workouts, getting in bed much earlier to get (or at least attempt to get) 8 hours of sleep, giving the actual workouts 100 percent effort, and also have not been going out as much.  When I started with my new training, I realized that there was no way that I would be rested enough for my training with the amount of time that I was spending out with my friends every week.  It has been a bit of a difficult change to learn how to say no to going out, but an important one if I want to acheive my dreams.  The funny think about getting more rest and taking better care of myself generaly speaking is that it is helpful for everything that I do, both business and personal.  Doing the right thing to acheive a goal puts you in a better place.....for everything:)  Stay healthy and beautiful:)

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