The Before Picture...Becoming Your After!

by Megan on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 5:13pm | 0 comments

After announcing my tone-up competition I noticed a trend emerging. This one was surprising, and like a runaway car completely surprised me.

Repeatedly people wrote or approached me personally to declare that they “really want to do the competition, but don’t want to show a before picture.” I’m afraid to say this runs across the board and the entire gauntlet; a far-reaching sentiment. Trust me, I completely understand.

Believe it or not, I was hesitant to post before and afters of my backside. Some shade of insecurity held me back from sharing the old pictures I have, and it got me to thinking.

What’s in a “Before” Photo Anyway?

  • How can we let little things like pictures stop us when we go out every single day and face this tumultuous and mixed-up world of ours? Tackling obesity, food addictions, compulsive buying, and over-consumption is hard work. Dealing with pictures is the easy part.
  • A picture speaks a million words, but we are not that person anymore. We’re walking around in a unique body today, and how it looks tomorrow (in the after picture) is ultimately up to us.
  • Before pictures are freaky because they show us what we really look like vs. what we imagine or think we do. It’s us as we honestly are, through an objective source. Without it the after photo, no matter how magnificent or impressive, will not be as satisfying as it could be.

Ok great, so now they decide that despite their reservations and insecurities, they’re willing to do the “before” photo. The next thing they want is a few tips on how to get ready and be as prepared as possible.

3 Time-Tested Tips for the “Before” Photo

  1. Be brazen! Let it all hang out baby. Divulge to the camera as much flesh as you possibly can without getting the cops called. Competitions are judged by the amount of change/transformation that takes place so rock what you’re rolling with.
  2. Don’t go for an outdoor shot or in front of the car. If the photo isn’t taken by a trainer or judge personally, use a solid colored plain surface for the background. Use a color that will help you and your body stick out like a sore thumb.
  3. Guys and girls should wear a solid colored swim suit that doesn’t clash with the background. Aim for color that makes your skin the star (not your face!).

After the before photo is taken care of the fun begins. Once committed reaching our goals becomes a rewarding privilege and an honor. Plus, we get to inspire and assist others along the way, almost effortlessly. It’s a beautiful thing, just like you!

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