Throw your scale out the window if you want to look sexy and toned. Your beauty is more than just a number!

by Megan on Tue, 04/09/2013 - 6:36pm | 0 comments

Standing on the scale is such a funny thing isn't it?  I've personally found that there is NO magic number on the scale that pleases me.  There's something so awful about stepping on, and seeing what number it decides to show that day.  Have a salty meal, or a hard workout yesterday?  Add three pounds.  Drink two glasses of wine without enough hydration?  Minus two pounds, add one small headache from dehydration.  When I was younger, and trying to "diet" I kept a piece of paper on the fridge, and weighed myself every single morning.  My reaction the number I saw that morning became emotional, and it became difficult to think about anything besides, food, and dieting, and I felt down about the fact that the number wasn't dropping rapidly every single day.  

Depending on what your body composition is (percentage of fat and muscle) 125 pounds can look drastically different.  A pound of muscle takes up much less space that a pound of fat, so if you are going  by the scale, you may not realize how much your body is actually changing.  I believe that the best way to see the kind of progress that you are making is to take a before and after picture, instead of staring at the scale day in and day out.  When I prepared for Miss Bikini Universe last spring, I did just that, and although my bodyweight rose by 3 pounds, visually I looked 8 pounds leaner.  If I hadn't taken those pictures, I think I would have been upset by the number, so I'm very grateful that I took them, because my progress was clear.
If you're looking for a tight, youthful, toned physique YOU MUST ADD MUSCLE.  That's what tone is.  Young bodies carry more muscle than old bodies, so to look young, we have to replace and maintain what we would naturally be losing if we didn't work at it.  If you must weigh yourself, keep it to every other week, or the daily weighing will kill your progress.  How your body looks in (and out) of clothing is the goal, but the scale will tell you otherwise.  It will tell you that you are fat, that you should eat a processed lean cuisine, and that you'll never wear those tight white capri jeans you bought for summer.  Throw your scale out the window if you want to look sexy and toned!  Trust your eyes, not a number.
Stay happy and healthy!

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