The Fresh Diet Meal Delivery Service

by Megan on Wed, 11/28/2012 - 5:36am | 0 comments

A superb, nutritious, fulfilling, and healthy diet isn't something that happens without advanced planning.

Whether you prepare your own meals each week by chopping up yummy produce and cooking your own protein, or you carefully shop for healthy prepared foods at the market, eating to stay lean takes time and care.

Over the years I’ve approach my diet in so many different ways. Sometimes I’ll even prepare several big dishes at once so that I can freeze small portions and have them over the next week or two.

When Life is Too Hectic for Food Prep

I started a fabulous new business about a year and a half ago, and have since then been far too busy to possibly keep up with my food prep. Thankfully, one of my clients gets healthy meal delivery from a service called Fresh Diet. They referred me, and I’ve been happily using the service for the past few months.

Reasons I Adore the Fresh Diet Service

  • The portions are reasonable. I feel satisfied, which is a big deal. If the food is balanced correctly, it makes it much harder not to overeat, or under-eat and slow down my metabolism.
  • The food is fresh and delicious, which honestly came as a surprise to me.
  • You can choose from four options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which means that things don’t get too complicated. Sure, there isn’t an extensive list but this just means I save more time which is fine with me!
  • There are also two snacks per day, which are essential because three meals a day isn’t going to cut it. To look the way I do I need my metabolic rate burning hot all day, not going up and down.
  • I usually eat more than the food that’s delivered, but it's nice to have some healthy pre made options at my disposal.
  • I find the prices to be reasonable, and comparable to typical grocery shopping.


I’ll be honest and come out and say it, my favorite part of the delivery is the small sized desserts. If I can have a little bit of something sweet every day, I find my cravings much easier to control. There are so many meal delivery services available, and some are superb...others not so much.

They can be great during the holidays to make sure that you aren't ravenous at the office, which would make anyone likely to cave at the sight of cookies and cakes!

Love yourself :)


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