Make Time to Get Fit Despite A Busy Schedule

by Megan on Mon, 03/25/2013 - 11:30pm | 0 comments

Often people write me asking me how I look the way I do, and when I tell I get, “Oh, I’m too busy for that.”

Really? The essential difference between people who use that reply and myself is that I recognize it for what it is, an excuse for people that don’t take fitness or being lean as seriously as I do. Or any other fitness model who ever lived.

Fitness doesn’t fit into anyone’s busy schedule, but if it’s important we make time. Here are a few effective tips that I encourage people to use to get extra exercise in throughout the day.

5 Ways to Add Exercise into a Busy Schedule

  1. Employ every opportunity to move. On the cellular level losing weight is a calories game; it’s about thermodynamics (energy in vs. energy out). Whenever possible,  take the stairs, walk to the store for the groceries.....move!
  2. Think in terms of intensity, not time. You don’t need to jog for forty minutes to look sexy. The same results come from 10 minutes of sprinting as well. When time is short and you’re on the go, shoot for high intensity.
  3. Prepare to be fit by making it easier to exercise. This doesn’t mean renting a room at the hotel across the street from the gym. It could mean something as simple as having a packed and ready gym bag, or setting the alarm back 30 minutes early for a morning workout.
  4. Make it a social thing. If you’re uncomfortable with getting in-shape all by your lonesome, then get involved in a fitness class or convince your friend/partner to join you. If it’s a social function you’ll be more likely to put it higher on your list of priorities.
  5. Compete. I know a fair amount about this one. From fitness and modeling competitions, to setting my own personal goals and competing against myself and the odds to attain them, competition provides extra motivation.

My Personal Approach to Making Time

I carve out the time and it’s not easy. I run my own business, travel a bunch for work, am raising a dog, model, and still make time to work out three days a week. In my world, hitting the gym happens no matter what. Shy of a natural disaster, first thing in the morning I get in there and sweat.

No cancelling, no rescheduling, and I even avoid phone calls so they don’t distract or side-track me. That’s how important my fitness level is to me, and that’s why I look the way I do.

In fact, the other day I saw an incredibly handsome man, early in the morning, getting fit. And guess what, he was in a wheelchair and completely ripped to shreds! If he’s not making excuses how can we?

Make time and love yourself through dedicated fitness!


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