Workout and Fitness Clothes I Love

by Megan on Thu, 03/21/2013 - 9:50pm | 0 comments

Having comfortable clothes that look good at the gym motivates me to get in there and work hard.

It took me a while to find workout clothes I absolutely adore, but I've undoubtedly found my favorites from Elizabetta Rogiani, an Italian born, Los Angeles based designer.


Contour Your Fitness with Couture

You may not have heard of Couture Fitness, and she does have a lovely name, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar you’ve seen some of her Racer Doll Yoga tops or Bootleg Sport Band pants.

The clothes aren't cheap, but in my life they pay for themselves by the fact that I wear them over and over and have had several pairs of her capris in my workout clothing rotation for years. They still look great. One of my favorite things about Elizabetta is that she offers custom cut fabrics for clients, creating high quality color combinations that aren't readily available on the website.

Sure, it takes a bit longer than the average ready to ship order, but I love choosing something one of a kind that fits me. Be prepared because she’ll ask for your precise measurements when crafting these pieces; not something you see much of anymore.

Tips for Elite Conditioning Workout Clothes

  • We need clothes that work with us, not against us while we’re in the business of getting sweaty. Make sure to pick clothes that don’t hinder or impede you in any way. 
  • Choose fabrics that keep moisture apart from your skin. This will cut down on distracting chills and possible irritation in the sweat prone areas.
  • Consider the weather! If it’s nice and sunny out, don’t go with dark colors that will absorb heat. On the other hand, if it’s cold and frigid out, don’t wear something ridiculously light just to look pretty. It’s not worth getting a cold.
  • It’s ideal to wash workout clothes separately in nice and cold water. Doing this on a regular basis will preserve the specialized fabrics for longer.
  • Pick materials that are soft, yet flattering.
  • Waistbands need to stay put, and tops should be cut conservatively. Remember, if they’re loose it’s going to look different while you’re doing planks or pushups! Indecent exposure anyone?

I myself am drawn towards cuts that show off my hard work. Why not? What’s the point of working so hard to look great if you’re not willing to sport the results?

You should love the clothes you wear every day, in the same way you love your body enough to make it look great in them.

Love yourself!


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