The Best Sports Bra I've Ever Owned

by Megan on Mon, 03/11/2013 - 7:01am | 0 comments

Ever since the tender & awkward age of 14 I've been on a noble quest for the perfect sports bra.

In fact, I can remember the first one to cross my path. It was shiny metallic spandex, purple, and didn't seem to do much. Nearly all the sports bras I've discovered along my journey crush everything against my body giving me the dreaded uni-boob.


Strangely enough, even though my breasts were completely flattened they still moved up and down. Lovely...I started wearing two bras at the same time.

Admittedly it was a bit restrictive and uncomfortable, but at least some of the bouncing stopped. I've been on a mission to find the perfect bra for a while now and must have a minimum of 40 in my drawer. Most of them don't have the support I’m after. It sounds funny, but I feel a smidgen self-conscious at the gym when jumping rope, and so does my chest. Plus, let’s face it, we ladies don't exactly try to exaggerate the effects of gravity.

Recently through a friend I heard about a bra that Oprah herself praised and claimed as her favorite. Well, in that case, I had to try Panache's Underwire Sports Bra.

Initial Impressions

  • First of all, I thought it interesting that this bra comes in band and cup sizes. How can we possibly choose between small, medium, and large? Rest easy, they come in all cup sizes.
  • After trying one of them out I was surprised to see that it actually flattered my body. No crushed bust and the colors are vibrant, bright, and pretty. It rocks that they’re fashionable enough to wear without a shirt as well.
  • They ride high enough to look fabulous, but modest enough to lean over and get into intense exercise without falling out or showing too much.

The thing actually works! Had my expedition finally come to an end? Quickly I put one to work with extreme box jumps and it provided an unparalleled amount of support. I own three of the color variations, and I'll be making room for one more soon.

3 Astounding Features I Appreciate

  1. By using the adjustable straps I’m able to transform them from normal to racer-back, which looks good around the track and lets more of my skin breathe.
  2. The material is top notch and performs miracles with my perspiration.
  3. Probably the best aspect of all is that they don’t overtly pancake my breasts against my chest. Instead, just as advertised, they separate them. It’s far more natural feeling.

Only time will tell if after all these years I’ve finally come to the holy grail of sports bras. Eventually girls, they’ll release “smart” sports bras that automatically conform to our bodies, track our metabolic rate, and inspire us with vitalizing comments. Until that day, the underwire sports bra from Panache is my fav!

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