WBFF Bikini Pro Debut 125 Days out

by Megan on Thu, 04/21/2016 - 3:43pm | 0 comments

I'm officially training for my WBFF pro bikini debut. Right now my WBFF Bikini Pro debut is 125 days out.  I'm starting out in a great place as I've been training consistently and diligently since my last competition and I tend to watch my eating year round. Many people have asked me why I'm training so early and I always tell them that the more success you have in fitness competitions the harder you have to train because the competition gets that much more serious.  

I absolutely love that I have become a pro because to be a pro every single person has won a competition becomes a pro, so the level of competition is that much higher and more stringent and gives you that much more motivation to be the best physical and mental version of yourself that you have ever been.  

This winter was a little bit challenging training wise as I was not only running my own business but also traveling between Boston and Colorado where my boyfriend lives.  I tend to stay on a fairly strict schedule even when I'm traveling, but there are certain things that slide just a little bit. The time change and the altitude were often hard on my body and although I gave it my 100% during my workouts I tended to lose a little bit of strength simply because most people's bodies have a preferred time to work out and the altitude just really reeks havoc on your body.       

Now I find myself having to travel less and able to focus more on my workouts. I've been dedicating three hours a week to working out, I usually work out Sunday Tuesday and Thursday mornings and just doing weight training with no cardio    

My goal and my focus is to build strength and record every workout to make sure that I'm always making progress and always getting stronger. For those of you who are interested in seeing how I prepare for my competitions i'm going to blog regularly about it and make some video blogs as well.    I tend to train and eat a little differently than some competitors. Everyone is different but many people take it to a bit more of an extreme level and I do it in a way that really just fits into my lifestyle all the time   

I welcome any questions or comments from you about how I'm training and I hope that you enjoy following along the way.  Have a beautiful and healthy day! Megan

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