Getting Strong is Getting Fit

by Megan on Thu, 11/01/2012 - 5:08am | 0 comments

Throughout my younger years I tried countless things to get my body to look the way I thought it should.

I used to run every single solitary day for at least an hour, whether rain, sleet, snow or heat. It got to the point where my knees began to hurt. Going down a set of stairs brought on pain, and I knew I needed a different way.

My goal was to be skinnier, and I struggled. In fact, like so many young women these days I grappled with eating far less than I should. The end result of this mind frame and attitude towards myself was that I never really loved the body I had; was never comfortable in my own skin.




A Profound Discovery of Strength

One fateful day I stumbled upon a book at my mom’s house on weightlifting. She used to do it when I was a kid, and suddenly it piqued my interest something fierce! In high school I gave resistance training a shot getting ready for ski season but didn’t take it seriously.

Over the next few years after that day I began to experiment and pick up on strength conditioning. It started with videos, but soon I needed more and found myself at the gym using smaller lighter weights. Finally, for some reason, I decided to sign up for (challenge myself) a fitness competition and that’s when the results began appearing in earnest.

Focused Workouts

It’s not that my figure doesn’t come to mind on a regular basis, because it does. I don’t believe there are many individuals who are in fantastic shape that don’t give it any thought, but it’s so much less for me than before.

  1. I hit the gym three times a week. For me it’s about really high quality workouts that give me the results I need without sucking up too much valuable time.
  2. Each of these workouts is a total body experience. I only have full-body days, not just arms this day and legs on that day. I hit it all, adore compound exercises, and aim for power and strength.
  3. I train heavy with serious intensity, but rather than making me bulky I look more curvy and feminine. Nearly every woman I meet acts surprised that I lift the way I do. They expect something different because of somewhat misinformed preconceived notions.

It’s about economy of motion and energy. When done right weight training gets absolutely stunning results. Of course, through diet alone and the correct application of cardio we chisel out these muscles for everyone to see. More women need to give lifting a serious try, because I know many of them will love it, and the results.

Believe in a better you.

Megan :)

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