The Fresh Diet Meal Delivery Service

by Megan on Wed, 11/28/2012 - 5:36am | 0 comments

A superb, nutritious, fulfilling, and healthy diet isn't something that happens without advanced planning. Whether you prepare your own meals each week by chopping up yummy produce and cooking your own protein, or you carefully shop for healthy prepared foods at the market, eating to stay lean takes time and care. Over the years I’ve approach my diet in so many different ways. Sometime... read more
Recently, a reader asked me for a fitness plan to help her take off the weight she gained after giving birth to two beautiful children. I thought I would use the opportunity to reply to her question in the form of a blog rather than private message. Weight loss is a subject of special interest for lots of mommies out there. In essence, before starting any food & exercise plans it’s more... read more
By day one, I've been training and eating the right things to prepare for Fitness America for three solid months. Finally, the day that I was waiting for, competition day, arrives. Prepping The morning was a whirlwind of furious activities. Up at 5:30 sharp to blow-dry my hair, then downstairs for a dark spray tan (maybe too dark, but I survived.) After the tan I went to see the splendid ... read more

Getting Strong is Getting Fit

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Throughout my younger years I tried countless things to get my body to look the way I thought it should. I used to run every single solitary day for at least an hour, whether rain, sleet, snow or heat. It got to the point where my knees began to hurt. Going down a set of stairs brought on pain, and I knew I needed a different way. My goal was to be skinnier, and I struggled. In fact, like so man... read more
For three months I vigorously trained and mentally prepared myself for the fitness competition. Lots of ladies I know who are close friends, acquaintances, and clients are curious how I tackled it. This article goes out to them, along with all the women in the modern world today with lofty fitness ambitions and resolutions. A Fitness Model’s Approach The most important things when it come... read more