Hip Thrust exercise. Build a better butt!

by Megan on Tue, 10/22/2013 - 5:45pm | 0 comments

I'm going to be posting my top 20 exercises (not necessarily in order of importance....) there are obviously many other great exercises, but these are my tried and true. #1 Hip Thrusts My coach is the creator of the hip thrust, and I have never seen such incredible results (read: more lifted, rounded, solid backside) in my life. Add this ... read more
How long have you been working at your fitness? Are you closer to your goals? Are you moving quickly toward what you want, or are you moving at a snails pace? If your results are barely noticable, or your body isn't changing, something has to give! It's time for a new plan, a fresh direction. If your business was failing, you would certainly make a do the same thing for ... read more

Lifting like a man to look like a lady:)

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When I walk into the gym ready to lift, I see 90 percent of the women, maybe 10 percent in the weight section. Women are so worried about getting bulky, they wind up errrrrr, getting bulky. Not bulky with muscle mind you (as they are worried about) but bulky with fat) Fighting the fat war with cardio alone is a losing battle. WIth intense weight workouts it's possible to have a tight body... read more

My posing session with Nicole Costa of Bodyrock.

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I'm competing in a WBFF competition in November, and I'm working to prepare myself better for this competition than I did for the last. I love, love the training, but I always slack on my stage preparation, perhaps because it isn't something that comes naturally for me. As you may or may not know, I have a tendancy to be a little shy, and have always been nervous to stand up in front... read more

How to get a flat stomach and say goodbye to bloat.

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Question: Lately I have been bloated at times when I wouldn't normally expect it. Help! What can I do? Answer: Okay, so this is a bit of a long answer, but here are some things that can cause bloating..... get ready, it's not a short list. Flying. This is the worst. Chewing gum, fake sugar, dairy, swallowing air, foods that you have... read more
Asking someone to make a custom article of clothing can sometimes be a scary thing. Taste, skill and communication are all such incredibly important parts of the process. Bernadette Bedard of Passionfruit Designs has become my go to designer for all of my competition needs, and I can't stress enough how highly I recommend her. When I first ordered a suit from her, I was so happy to have ... read more
I've noticed a trend in myself lately- taking pride in completing a task while giving a 50 percent effort. Where did I notice this trend you may be asking? Sadly, I noticed it as a pattern within myself. Saying things like: "I broke a record with my weights today, EVEN after two glasses of wine last night!" Or "considering I didn't really focus on my training, I did PRE... read more

Keeping your hair healthy in the summer

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WIth the harsh UV rays, exposure to chlorine and saltwater, and additional blonde that many of us add to our hair during the warmer months, it shouldn't come as a surprise that keeping your tresses shiny and healthy after the summer may take a bit of extra work. Here are the tips I give my clients to keep their hair healthy and lush. . Buy a filter for your shower head. Minerals and chlo... read more

Keyword to changing your body? Change

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I don't think it's uncommom to look for something that creates change without putting in much effort. If you watch infomercials, or look at the ads on television, everything is made to look quick and easy. Time and time again, people ask me how to get a toned physique, but as soon as the words have left their mouths, they add in several statements about what they are NOT willing to ch... read more
For times of silence For those of you that know me, I am relentlessly positive. Thier have been so many times in my life that I could have/should have cried, but I found a way to power through, and find the positive in a situation. The glass is half full, not half empty. Right now though, I have no words. I feel shallow, and guilty focusing on the things I often do. I... read more